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Jeanna Fine Biography Photo Jeanna Fine Biography
Born: 9/29/1964
Aliases: Angel Dust, Angel Rush, Jeana Fine, Jeanne Fine, Jenna Fine, Vana Paymore, Virginia Paymore

Born: September 29, 1964 Queens, New York, Jennifer Payson
Height: 5 ft. 9 in. Weight: 127 lbs.
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown
Breasts: 38C Waist: 22 Hips: 34
Jeanna Fine (born Angel Gauthier on September 29, 1964 in New York, New York, USA

According to Skipp Porteous (author of Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore), Fine was born Angel Gauthier, and changed her surname to Payson after her mother's marriage to Ron Payson.

Fine began in the adult movie industry as a blonde-haired punk-girl when she was 21 in 1986. She claimed that she wanted to take the world of porn by storm, but instead she vanished after 50 movies, which were made between 1986 and 1989.

She re-emerged as a brunette in 1990, only to quit acting two years later to marry fellow porn star Sikki Nixx, to whom she had became engaged. However the marriage never happened, though it was reported that they did go to the altar but ironically the minister never arrived. After her relationship with Nixx dissolved, she became involved in a lesbian relationship with fellow porn actress Shannon Longoria (aka Savannah). The relationship ended badly, reportedly due to Fine's refusal to commit. Afterward, she met and fell in love with Jim Bernstein. They married in 1993, and in June 1994, her son Braxton Zachary was born.

When Braxton was four months old, Fine kick started her porn career for the third time. The story goes that she walked into VCA president Russ Hampshire's office, sat on Hampshire's lap, and proclaimed "I'm ready." She was immediately cast in the movie Latex.

Fine's trademarks are her dirty talking, deep throat blowjobs and her penchant for rough anal and double penetrations, including spankings and hair pulling. In her lesbian scenes she is almost always the dominant partner. Fine is also noted for her faint resemblance to actress Stockard Channing.

Fine was inducted in the Adult Video News Hall of Fame in 1998. She is also in the X-Rated Critic's Association's and Legends of Erotica Halls of Fame.

Fine also appeared briefly in the film The Boondock Saints, as a dancer working the adult parlor where an attack was made on a mafia character played by fellow adult star Ron Jeremy.

Jeanna Fine has to be regarded as the hottest adult actress of the last decade. Her career has delighted fans since 1986. Although Jeanna has taken some time off during her career, she has always come back hotter than ever.
Jeanna is originally from upstate New York and now She now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with her son Braxton. She enjoys being mom and between her busy shooting and dance schedule she also likes to read. She prides herself on eating a healthy diet and keeping in shape. We can tell!

When she originally came on the porn scene, Jeanna sported a bleached blonde punk hair style, so it's no wonder her favorite music is punk/alternative. Jeanna said she prefers classic cars to newer ones and also likes antiques.

One of the most notable traits that Jeanna exhibits is her raw, uninhibited sexuality. Her love for anal sex and ability to deep throat the biggest of studs is evident in her hot three-way encounter with Steven St. Croix and Jordan St. James in Dear Diary. Her incredible acting performance in "Dear Diary" also earned her the Best Supporting Actress award at the 1996 AVN Awards show. One of her most unforgettable girl/girl scenes has to be with Nici Sterling in Double Cross where the girls enjoy an outdoor anal romp with the help of a double-headed dildo.

Jeanna sported a bleach punk-style haircut when she burst onto the X-rated scene in 1986. She retired after three years and over 50 releases, only to return to adult videos in 1990 with shoulder-length black hair and a renewed interest in performing. Her return to the porn scene with an award-winning performance in Steal Breeze proved to be just a taste of what this lady has to offer. Almost every performance since then, with special mention for her work in Wild Goose Chase, Malibu Spice and Wet n' Working, proves she is one of the hottest adult actresses in over a decade. She also won Performer of the Year Award form XRCO and also Best Actress for her work in Brandy and Alexander.

Jeanna Fine has had an on again/off again porn career for the last 15 years. She began her career in 1986 when she landed her first starring role in an adult film. She was 21 years old, into the "punk" scene with blonde spiky hair and her attitude was that she was going to take the porn world by storm. She was noted for her penchant for throwing herself wholeheartedly into rough, aggressive sex scenes, whether with men or women. However, she did have a reputation for a somewhat haphazard work ethic - she would often show up late for shoots, or not show up at all - and after shooting approximately 50 films in about a year, she disappeared. She returned three years later with a new look (long brunette hair), but disappeared again shortly afterwards. However, two years later she was back. Just as she was about to re-start her career, she fell in love with a Jewish man not in the porn biz, converted to Judaism and left the business yet again. She stayed away for several years to raise her son, but in 1998 she returned and this time appears to be back for the long haul.

In 1993, Jeanna's most memorable work came for Rinse Dream in Untamed Cowgirls of the Wild West. Winner of the X-Rated Critics Organization honor for Best Actress of 1995 and 1996, and a 1997 XRCO Hall of Famer, Jeanna Fine has become one of the two best actresses in the adult industry (along with Ashlyn Gere). Due to her non-stop quest to better herself as a thespian, she's a lesbian and dick-doing dame who cums buckets when given the right meat. She's the star of Michael Ninn's Shock and VCA's upcoming Caf?lesh 2 (which should earn another award for her mantle), who also delivers the goods in just about every scene we see her in. She's more centered and kinkier than ever now, one of the hottest women who can act in erotica."

1991 AVN Award for Best Actress (Film) Hothouse Rose
1991 or 1992 XRCO Award for Best Actress Steal Breeze
1992 or 1993 XRCO Award for Best Actress Brandy and Alexander
1996 XRCO Award for Best Actress Skin Hunger
1996 AVN Award for Best Actress (Film) Skin Hunger
1996 AVN Award for Best Supporting Actress (Video) for Dear Diary
1997 AVN Award for Best Actress (Video) My Surrender
1997 F.O.X.E Female Fan Favorite
1998 XRCO for Best Actress My Surrender
1998 XRCO Award for Best Girl-Girl Scene Miscreants (with Tiffany Mynx and Stephanie Swift)
1998 AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene (Video) for Cellar Dwellers 2
1998 AVN Award for Best Supporting Actress (Video) for Miscreants
1999 XRCO Best Actress Cafe Flesh 2
1999 AVN Award for Best Actress (Video) Cafe Flesh 2

Luke is back:
Jeanna Fine - girlfriend of the late porn star Savannah - keeps retiring and returning to porn. Born 9/29/65, she debuted in 1986 as a punk blonde with close-cropped hair and unruly eye makeup. Jeanna cranked out 50 flicks in three years, mainly as a backup performer.

Fine's first return to the porn scene after a retirement in the late '80s saw an award-winning performance in Steal Breeze. "Almost every performance since then, with special mention for her work in Wild Goose Chase, Malibu Spice, Latex and Wet And Working, proves she is one of the hottest adult actresses in over a decade." (AFW)

Her marriage, pregnancy, motherhood and conversion to Judaism failed to cool her off.

Jeanna won a Performer of the Year award from XRCO and also Best Actress for her work in Brandy and Alexander. Jeanna's most memorable performance of 1993 came for Rinse Dream in Untamed Cowgirls of the Wild West, after which she disappeared again from porn, only to return in late 1994.

Fine stars in such videos as Caught From Behind 15, Crossing Over, House of Dreams, Desire and Buttslammers 9.

Jeanna won AVN's Best Actress - Film awards for 1995's Skin Hunger and '91's Hothouse Rose.

Fine used her time off from the biz to turn tricks and undergo plastic surgery. After one boob job, she named one breast "Cash" and the other "Flow."

Jeanna lived for years with performer Sikki Nixx who gained fame as Edward Penishands. They were scheduled to marry but the preacher never showed, so they never went through with the commitment and eventually broke up.

Fine says it was a destructive relationship and pushed her to leave porn for almost two years. During her time out, Jeanna met a Jewish guy named Jim, converted to Judaism, married him and gave birth in June 1994 to a boy, Braxton Zachary.

"When my baby was four months old," Jeanna told AVN, "I went into VCA to see Russell Hampshire... I came into the office in thigh high boots, tight miniskirt and threw myself in Russell's lap and said, 'I'm ready.'"

Russ took Jeanna to see Michael Ninn who hired her for a double penetration role in Latex. "It wasn't released for a year...people could see what I look like...Then it was whirlwind; the phone didn't stop ringing, and great offers kept falling in my lap...and I kept falling into everybody else's lap.

"In the ten years I've been in this business, I've done about 150 pictures. Most girls can do that in a year. There are only certain directors that I work for because they know to leave me alone. I don't need a director to tell me how many positions, or how to eat pussy." (AVN 3/96)

Michael Zen directed Skin. "Screewnriter Raven Touchstone, wearing her Tennessee Williams hat, dispenses a deliciously tangy screenplay, and Jeanna Fine delivers... the most grandiose performance of her illustrious career in this adult version of A Streetcar Named Desire. Lisa Ann magnificently plays Jeanna's naive but sumptuously-endowed sister, while Tony Tedeschi does his best Stanley Kowalski. Jeanna stirs the porno pot with both Mark Davis (great pop shot) and Tedeschi, while Lisa Ann sensually strips, sucks and f---s Steven St. Croix." (AVN 97)

Zen describes Fine as "a combination of Kathryn Hepburn, Bette Davis, all those great old actresses rolled into one." In at least one sense, Jeanna outshines Hepburn and Davis. They never did double penetration on camera.

Henri Pachard directed Hothouse Rose. "Jeanna Fine's sex scenes in this scorching f---fest redefine "pornography". She plays a recovering sex addict, trying to work through her fascination with adult star "Hothouse Rose" (Victoria Paris) via her shrink Jon Dough. The ultimate confrontation becomes an icebreaker wherein Fine confesses her obsession with Paris. A gritty, multi-level psychological drama unfolds sparked with hallmark sex scenes. A complex drama with an incredible acting performance from Fine." (AVN 97)

Fine performs some the genre's best lesbian scenes - with Devon Shire in Blue Jean Brat and with Madison in No Man's Land 4.

Jeanna criticizes gangbangs for their AIDS risk. She refused to work as a fluffer in Annabel Chong's 251 man bang when she learned that not every male participant had been tested for AIDS. Yet Jeanna has talked about doing an even bigger gang bang, though presumably everyone will be tested for HIV.

"Jeanna had a bisexual boyfriend named Tony," remembers Jerry Butler. "She used to bring the porn actress Keisha home and the two of them would f--- him. Then, when she was making a film with Keisha, almost everyone on the set caught the clap. And Jeanna blamed me!

"Jeanna made many bisexual (men screwing men and women) films, so it bothers me she's also doing straight porn [because of the AIDS risk]."

Fine is also notorious for her use of narcotics including ones that require needles - a leading way of catching HIV if infected needles are shared. She now claims to be drug free.

"Jeanna has the kind of pussy most men hunger for," says Tim Connelly of AFW. "Thick meaty lips that give way to a soft pink center. Jeanna is a carnal confection... a moaner and a boner eater...always at the top of critics' fave f--- holes. We can't stop thinking about her fetish driven scene in Diva with Anna Malle..."

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